3rd Workshop on Breast Image Analysis

It is the purpose of this workshop to bring together researchers in the field of breast imaging to discuss and exchange new ideas and applications. We also hope to contribute to a rising popularity of this topic at MICCAI, acknowledging that many large-scale international projects are currently ongoing in all areas from optimized screening over multi-disciplinary integration to systemic therapy, and surgical outcome prediction. The workshop will provide an optimal platform for dissemination of results to an international expert audience.


Models for breast deformation

Multi-modality and multi-disciplinary image analysis, fusion, and spatial correlation

Computer aided detection and diagnosis

Quantitative analysis of breast imaging modalities

Measuring response to treatment

Planning, simulation and guidance for breast surgery and cosmetic outcome prediction

Relating imaging biomarkers to risk factors and non-imaging information

Research related to the elucidation and improvement of clinical workflows

Breast density & parenchymal pattern analysis and risk assessment

Breast image registration

Radiomics of breast tumors

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